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El Grito promotes regular attendance by implementing a process to ensure children are safe when they do not arrive at school. If a child is unexpectedly absent and a parent has not contacted the program within the hour of program start time, the program must attempt to contact the parent to ensure the child’s well-being.
El Grito provides information about the benefits of regular attendance:

  1. Supporting families to promote the child’s regular attendance;
  2. Conducting home visits or make other direct contact with child’s parents if a child has multiple unexplained absences (four consecutive absences);
  3. Child attendance data to identify children with patterns of absence that put them at risk of missing ten percent of program days per year and develop appropriate strategies to improve individual attendance among identified children.

Our Attendance Policy

El Grito Early Learning Center expects regular attendance through the monitoring of daily attendance and following up on extended absences (two or more days in length) or inconsistent attendance. The program must maintain 85% attendance in each classroom throughout the program. A child will be dropped after 15 days of consecutive absences or has a pattern of irregular attendance. A home visit/direct contact will be conducted by El Grito staff to offer assistance.

It is very important to attend on a regular basis. We know that children who attend our program daily and on time experience better outcomes. Families also receive all available services and developmental care.


In Case of a Child’s Absence

Contact for child’s absence will be made within the first hour of class. Direct contact will be made to parents through telephone, cell phone, text, or Facebook. If contact is not made after 4 days of continued absences, a conference and/or home visit will be made by center staff.

Notifying Staff When a Child is Absent

Parents must notify the center as soon as possible for any absence. Notify center staff when your child is absent due to illness, and let them know if one of the following applies:

· If child visited a doctor or a clinic.

· If child is taking medication and the reason why.

· If child shows signs of being sick.

· If the child received a shot or immunization.

Excusable Absences

Excusable children absences include an ill child or a family emergency that does not exceed five school days, unless prior written notification was given to the Lead Teacher or cancellation of classes by administration.

Note: Perfect attendance for Graduation purposes, excusable absences are appointments for required physical examination, dental appointments and immunizations, or school cancelation only.

Continuous Absences

Failure to notify center staff of continual unexcused absences will result in dropping the child from El Grito. If no contact has been established by the parent within four consecutive school days, and written documentation by the teacher shows at least two efforts to contact parents, a referral will be made to Associate Director of Family Services. The Associate Director of Family Services will make all efforts to resolve attendance matters before the child is dropped.

While a Child is Absent

A plan will be developed with the parent when a child is to be out more than one week. El Grito will provide activities for your child during that time.