Classrooms 1, 2, 3, & 4
303 S. Cooper St., Silver City, NM
Classrooms 5, 6, & 7
405 W. 6th St., Silver City, NM
Classroom 8
622 NM-211, Gila, NM
Classroom 9, 10 & Early Head Start Office
521 East St., Santa Clara, NM


El Grito promotes regular attendance by implementing a process to ensure children are safe when they do not arrive at school. If a child is unexpectedly absent and a parent has not contacted the program within the hour of program start time, the program must attempt to contact the parent to ensure the child’s well-being.
El Grito provides information about the benefits of regular attendance:

  1. Supporting families to promote the child’s regular attendance;
  2. Conducting home visits or make other direct contact with child’s parents if a child has multiple unexplained absences (four consecutive absences);
  3. Child attendance data to identify children with patterns of absence that put them at risk of missing ten percent of program days per year and develop appropriate strategies to improve individual attendance among identified children.