Classrooms 1, 2, 3 & 4
303 S. Cooper St., Silver City, NM
Classrooms 5 & 6
405 W. 6th St., Silver City, NM
Classroom 8
622 NM-211, Gila, NM
Classroom 9 & Early Head Start Office
521 East St., Santa Clara, NM
Classroom 10
602 Cedar St, Santa Clara, NM
Classroom 12
100 Park St, Bayard, NM
Classroom 13
300 Carrasco Ave, Hurley, NM
Ages 6 weeks to 3 Years
2609 Camino Del Bosque, Silver City, NM

Health & Community Service


When children enroll parents are interviewed to determine child’s health status. Parents will provide us with a copy of their insurance card as well as the name and contact information of the family’s physician and dentist. If families are new to the area we can assist them by providing information about local medical facilities. As per Head Start Performance Standard Child Health and Status and Care 1302.42. Documentation of all physicals, dental, immunizations, and follow up exams are scanned into our Child Plus tracking system. If no documentation is available we work with the families and the medical offices to receive a copy of the record. Our program partners with our local health department to receive up to date immunizations through NM Department of Health website. As per New Mexico Licensing for Childcare facilities. If children are not up to date on physical, dental or immunizations, the family is notified through a text and a phone call that is linked to our Child Plus tracking system. If transportation is an issue our program is able transport families for medical appointments. Hearing, Vison and Dental screens are done annually at each of our programs in partnership with the local Women’s Club, Lion’s Club and Hidalgo Medical Services. I further treatment is recommended we work with the families to ensure treatment is completed. 


 We are here to support our families as much as we can. We partner with various community agencies to support families with anything from transportation to clothing. We have partnered with our local bus service’s to be able to provide some form of transportation by providing bus passes to our families. We partner with a local thrift store for certificates for free clothing. A local barber shop provides us with coupons for free haircuts for children. We also partner with several community agencies to provide food for our needy families. We use our data entry into our Child Plus tracking system to determine the needs of our families by matching questions to the Program Information Report required information. As per Head Start Performance Standard Family Partnership Services 1302.52